Alphabet Systems works exclusively with the most experienced mother-tongue translation professionals. Our relationships with our freelance teams for the FIGS (French, Italian, German and Spanish) group of languages have been established for up to 20 years. These long-standing networks of linguistic expertise allow Alphabet Systems to offer an unrivalled depth of experience.

Alphabet Systems also has access to a unique set of resources for clients requiring translations into Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish. In these language groups, we have marshalled teams of up to 40 translators per language for projects of up to 6 million words in volume. Resources like these allow us to accommodate the challenging workflows of large-scale international releases without ever compromising on quality.

Clients seeking to target important emerging markets in eastern Europe can also count on Alphabet Systems for comprehensive translation solutions. With conditions in these markets allowing us to offer particularly competitive rates for these languages, and an experience base that has enjoyed success with projects of up to 2 million words, our eastern European capabilities are proving attractive to more and more clients.

Whatever the languages we work with, Alphabet Systems brings to its linguistic work a respect for the art of translation. It is by marrying this art to the science of software engineering that we can promise our clients excellence.